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DSK House

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    DSK House
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    Design: Giorgio Palù Architetto | 2D drawings, 3D, render: Marcello Cesini Architetto
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Project Leader Giorgio Palù Architetto.
Personal Tasks: 2D drawings, 3D model, Architecture Visualization

The client requested the studio’s services for the design of the external finishes and interior design of a villa under construction. In fact, the volumes were already under construction, based on a project by another architectural firm, therefore it was decided to intervene by maintaining the volumetric forms but customizing them according to the need and the architectural style required through the use of coverings in different materials. In fact, the villa develops in length and therefore has two important fronts. The main façade was designed and clad differently based on the function it accommodates, interspersing the different materials with floor-to-ceiling windows. The entrance and garage part was covered with vertical oak wood slats, to accommodate the inserted light cuts; the wall of the living area, the fulcrum of the project, was covered with travertine marble laid horizontally, split by an irregular vertical cut, into which amber-coloured glass was inserted. The kitchen and bedrooms, which overlook the swimming pool with large floor-to-ceiling windows, are covered with horizontally striped white plaster. To complete everything there are two gables of different heights covered in black iron for the highest part overlooking the entrance and the living area and gray for the lowest gable. The rear façade, however, is covered in white plaster with curved and irregular patchwork cuts. To complete the project we find on the side opposite the entrance a fully glazed study with a curved roof internally clad in wooden slats.

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