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AEM Headquarters

  • Name Project
    AEM Headquarters
  • Status
    Preliminary Design
  • Designer
    Design: Giorgio Palù Architetto | 2D drawings, 3D, render: Marcello Cesini Architetto
  • Category
  • Place
    Cremona (CR)
  • Year

Project Leader Giorgio Palù Architetto.
Personal Tasks: 2D drawings, 3D model, Architecture Visualization.

For the new offices in the historic headquarters of AEM we imagine an ambitious architectural project with clear, simple and rational lines of action. The strong architectural identity is achieved through extreme construction simplicity; the rationality and structural clarity of the project remain the objective to be pursued: few clear and autonomous operations in their definition propose a new building with a strong architectural character. Large, flexible work spaces, in a free and undifferentiated plan, glass walls that allow depth of perspective, fluidity and sharing of paths, continuous, open, which wind through environments with a strong architectural personality, a green courtyard which all overlook the workstations, an architectural path consisting of a walk in the greenery suspended over the roofs of the city, a green ribbon that connects and creates fluidity of paths and imagines new relationships between work spaces and between employees. The existing main body is confirmed and the architectural façade of Ranzi is respected: targeted interventions update its composition; a new casket raised compared to the original volume, autonomous from a structural point of view, directly connected to all the roof gardens of the new complex and set back from the main façade, constitutes the vital fulcrum of the project; this element, overlooking a completely redesigned green square, which hovers beyond all the surrounding roofs, gaining a privileged view of the monumental complex of the city and a visual opening onto the roofs, becomes the characterizing element of the intervention. All the roofs will be completed by a thick green tree-lined area and thanks to the different heights of the volumes that make up the architectural complex they will be connected to each other at all levels with the green courtyard located at the center of the building covering the extension of the offices on the mezzanine floor. An original system of vertical green stepped connections therefore connects the gardens located at different levels to the green heart of the building, so as to create a continuous architectural ribbon path (the green ribbon). The imagined project is therefore rewarding for the activities that will be established in the complex and in particular the quality of the work environments will be enriched by a context of decidedly qualifying open spaces: starting from the green courtyard which in turn is surrounded by planted greenery, all the roofs offer themselves as practicable paths and can be reached through walks in the greenery up to the large covered terrace created as a separation between the existing building characterized by the Ranzi façade and the new solidarity volume imagined to cover the cut created by the juxtaposition of the two bodies of factory. The square in front of the complex is completely redesigned, replacing part of the parking area (brought to the basement) with new urban greenery, thus becoming a prestigious entrance to the building, where organically designed walkways allow the difference in height to be overcome while the tree-lined greenery becomes protagonist of open spaces. The existing windows on the ground floor of the main front are set back to create a sort of continuous and common portico that enhances the entrance to the office complex.

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