3D | Archviz

Architecture is a full part of life and the world. The architect's task is to put all of himself into his works to make them functional while respecting the environment, thus enabling humans to coexist in harmony with it.

Architect, graduated in 2013 from the University of Parma. From 2014 to 2019 he held the position of teacher of the “3D Modeling and Rendering” course within the Archival project at the University of Parma. Member of the Order of Architects of Cremona since February 2015. In the following years he starts collaborations with other professionals and architects, in particular with the Arkpabi studio, Giorgio Palù and Michele Bianchi architects from Cremona, with whom he has actively collaborated from 2015 to today, covering the role of project manager. Already from his University days he developed a particular interest in ArchViz (Architectural Visualisation), 3D Modeling and Digital Art, learning as a self-taught and putting himself into play with new information technologies. Over time, this passion transforms into the desire to create images that convey emotions and that can tell a story. In 2016 he founds the Marcello Cesini Architetto studio, based in Cremona, starting his professional activity.