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  • Designer
    Design: Giorgio Palù Architetto | 2D drawings, 3D, render: Marcello Cesini Architetto
  • Category
    Commercial Space
  • Place
    Foshan | China
  • Year

Project Leader Giorgio Palù Architetto.
Personal Tasks: 2D drawings, 3D model, Architecture Visualization.

The project involves the internal restyling of the entire headquarters of Landbond, a company specialized in the production of designer furniture for China, located in Foshan. The design involves 6 floors of the building where the various categories of furniture produced are located, divided into different environments, each characterized by a unique design. On the ground floor there are eleven small stands, one for each furniture shop located on the upper floors. The fulcrum of the project is the large hall, an empty area on each floor, with balconies overlooking the ground floor, a constantly changing space and space for events. Each balcony is externally covered with LED wall panels that can change color and project different images depending on needs.

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