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    Design: Giorgio Palù Architetto | 2D drawings, 3D, render: Marcello Cesini Architetto
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    Soiano del Lago (BS)
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Project Leader Giorgio Palù Architetto.
Personal Tasks: 2D drawings, 3D model, Architecture Visualization

The objectives of the project are a redefinition of the spaces and an enhancement of the view of the villa on the lake. For this purpose, the expansion of the existing terraces is envisaged, reachable via a new staircase positioned on the main front, the creation of a winter garden that allows for improving the panoramic view of the villa and a change in the distribution routes. As regards the distribution aspect, it was decided to eliminate the entrance on the north-west side, giving prominence to the opposite one on the south-east side by creating a corridor that converges in an axial vanishing point. It is also intended to replace the spiral staircase that leads from the basement to the mezzanine floor with a larger “U” staircase and   a lift located in the living room. To guarantee greater unity to the main façade, it was decided to eliminate the existing difference in height between the two terraces, bringing them to the same height; instead the different objects are maintained. The winter garden is identified by a series of opening windows arranged along a line of development inclined with respect to the main axes of the house and constitutes an extension of the living area which ensures the villa a privileged point of view on the panorama. In the basement it was decided to intervene by creating a new garage located under the most protruding terrace and reachable via a vehicle ramp that flanks the north-west side of the building taking advantage of the existing slope.

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