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  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto
  • Category
    Interior Design
  • Place
    Piadena Drizzona (CR)
  • Year

The client’s need was to close the living room area under the staircase leading to the sleeping area in order to have a container space. Here was born the idea of a unique and modern piece of furniture, capable of making the most of the space and at the same time creating more compartments for storing different objects. Triangolazioni is a piece of furniture made up of 5 overlapping horizontal bands, cut diagonally on the right side to follow the flow of the staircase. Each upper band is 5 cm thicker than the one below so as to allow the insertion of a LED which illuminates the bands below, “washing” the surface of the doors. The latter, made of wood with different coverings for each band, slide one over the other, so as to allow the opening of every part of the furniture and make it 100% usable. The finishes of the doors are distinguished band by band and starting from the bottom we find a wood-effect laminate, then moving on to a matt white, light grey, dark gray and black lacquer in the only fixed part of the wardrobe. The same black lacquered wood was used for the internal structure, while a mirror covering was used for the vertical band that connects the wardrobe to the side wall.

Realized by: Falegnameria Taino

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