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NU Interior

  • Name Project
    NU Interior
  • Status
  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto
  • Category
    Interior Design
  • Place
    Cremona (CR)
  • Year

A restyling project of the living area of a small apartment to transform the environment and make it welcoming, modern and bright at the same time, without moving the internal walls. This was the request of customers who were tired of having a poorly functional and dark living area. To accommodate the request, it was decided to insert many mirrors inside the various pieces of furniture, in order to virtually “enlarge” the space and to include LED strips with direct light. Analyzing the project in detail we see how a very particular custom-made piece of furniture was opted for for the entrance; in fact, it is made up of a container part that reaches a height of 90 cm from the ground made of black lacquered wood, with 2 opening doors and a chest of drawers covered in mirror. One of the two sides of the furniture continues in height up to a height of 240 cm and then turns on itself and transforms into a suspended container. To embellish everything we find a wall mirror and a LED that extends in height. Continuing inside the apartment we then find a TV cabinet also made up of two floor-standing drawers, a vertical column and a suspended container. The entire structure is in black lacquered wood while the doors are matt white lacquered in the floor-standing drawers, covered in gray split stone on the column and covered in mirror in the suspended container. The mirror is also included in the dressing room doors, positioned on the side wall, from which three etched glass shelves of varying lengths start above a further chest of drawers with a black lacquered wood structure and white lacquered wood doors. Another fundamental role in the project is played by the false ceilings, which move the heights of the environment and create different light effects. Above the living area there is a plasterboard false ceiling in which direct light cuts have been inserted using LED strips placed orthogonally to each other. On the side veil, however, LED lamps have been inserted to create a diffused light. Above the glass shelves and on the wall behind the dining table, completely disappearing spotlights inserted into the false ceilings illuminate the room. The white dining table, coordinated with leather chairs of the same shade, is topped with a white ring lamp.

Custom-made furniture: Falegnameria Taino
False ceilings and plasterboard works: Matteo Piseddu
Supply and installation of lighting fixtures: Elettronica Piadenese
Supply and installation of glass shelves: Vetrotecnica

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