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Red Cuts

  • Name Project
    Red Cuts
  • Status
  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto
  • Category
  • Place
    Piadena Drizzona (CR)
  • Year

Red Cuts is my first realized project, located in the new cemetery of the Vho in Piadena. The project was born from the idea of giving life to a marble block through 2 cuts of color that pass through it. The prism, made of smooth and polished Bardiglio marble, is in fact divided into four through the insertion of two thick sheets of red painted steel which form an asymmetric and non-orthogonal cross. The four quadrants that have been formed are different from each other in shape but also in function; in fact, while in the two quadrants on the left the pure gray marble was left, accompanied only by a small red cross carved into the stone, in the quadrants on the right the project acquires its own identity: in the lower part a space was created for the flowers in white gravel while the quadrant above constitutes the true essence of the project. In fact, a pyramid with a triangular base in Bardiglio marble has been inserted, which recalls the funerary symbols of antiquity, on which the data of the deceased have been affixed.

Marbles: Lazzari Isaia
Iron structure and cross: Negri Giuseppe

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