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K2 House

  • Name Project
    K2 House
  • Status
  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto
  • Category
    Interior Design
  • Place
    Puegnago del Garda (BS)
  • Year

The client, a lifelong friend, purchased the house in Raffa di Puegnago, a few kilometers from the beaches of Lake Garda and requested the restyling of all the interior spaces, dreaming of a contemporary and minimal style, but which at the same time time would make the home functional. The apartment, of approximately 80 square metres, consisted of an open space living area overlooking the large garden through a sliding glass door, a small guest bathroom/laundry near the entrance and a corridor which led to the two bedrooms. , also overlooking the garden, and the bathroom with tub. Some energy requalification interventions had already been carried out in the house, taking advantage of the 110% Superbonus, such as the replacement of the windows with new wood-effect PVC windows, the replacement of the boiler and the creation of underfloor heating, which also involved the replacement of the floor with a new one in pre-finished parquet. In the two bathrooms, however, the old stoneware tile floor remained (pink in the main bathroom and blue in the secondary) to match the covering. The design intervention attempted to maintain the layout of the house, while also renovating some weak elements such as the two bathrooms, the corridor and the kitchen area. The largest intervention was carried out in the bathroom, completely revolutionized thanks to the removal of the tub, all the sanitary fixtures and all the coverings and floors, replaced with new Flaminia App series sanitary fixtures with matt white ceramic, Fantini taps in brushed steel and a cabinet with stone top with integrated sink. The new floor and covering in gray stone-effect stoneware with large-format slabs, also in continuity inside the shower cubicle, is the most distinctive element of the bathroom and gives a modern and elegant touch to the environment. To complete it we find a minimal shower cubicle with matt black finishes that recall the color of the radiator and the custom-made furniture made in front of the bathroom entrance. In the rest of the house we intervened promptly, by replacing all the internal doors, once wooden swing doors, with full-height external sliding doors in matt black and with a white flush-to-the-wall door with matt black hardware for the bathroom. The old wooden-toned kitchen has been replaced with a more modern one, with white concrete-effect doors and gray lacquer for the wall units with tops and risers in absolute black dekton. In the double bedroom, a custom-made full-wall wardrobe was created, with double sliding doors and central drawers with TV space. Another fundamental role in the project is that of the plasterboard false ceilings and lighting. In fact, upon entering the apartment we find a white plasterboard lowering with 2 completely disappearing square spotlights; lowering which is repeated above the kitchen and on the opposite wall, always illuminated with completely disappearing spotlights. Behind the sofa, however, a variable intensity LED has been inserted hidden in the false ceiling which creates a very relaxing indirect light. To complete the lighting of the living area we find a LED track arranged in an L shape in the center of the room. In the corridor, however, a central false ceiling with two lateral indirect light LED strips gives elegance and contemporaneity. The bathroom has been completely ceilinged at a height of 2.50 metres, in line with the window and, inside the false ceiling, spotlights have been inserted which illuminate the sink and a central LED strip with direct light. The last element of the project is the elimination of the second bathroom and its transformation into a pantry room, also paved in stone-effect stoneware like the main bathroom. The outdoor area has been repaved and replanted to create a small zen garden.

Construction Company: Nuova Edil Snc di Delai Marino
Plumbing system: Termoidraulica Nardi Michele & Giuliano Pietro Snc
Electrical system: Borgolux by Zanardini R & C SNC
Installation of floors and coverings: Omar Travaglioli
Plasterboards: Alessio Simonini
Customized doors and furniture: Falegnameria Taino
Supply of lighting fixtures: Comet Cremona
Bathroom furniture supply: Centro Gamma Cremona
Supply of floors and coverings: Polis Ceramiche Store Cremona
Kitchen and Dining Table: Negri Arredamento

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