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Commercial Space

  • Name Project
    Commercial Space
  • Status
  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto
  • Category
    Commercial Space
  • Place
    Cremona (CR)
  • Year

The client requested two possible solutions for the space he owned: a project for a bar-diner and a project for an office space. For both, an impactful approach was chosen, through the use of clear shapes, reflective materials and LED lighting. The bar project uses iron as the main material, visible in the ad hoc modeled counter with triangular and wavy surfaces, echoed in the back wall of the room. To break up the monochrome of the black iron, mirrors were inserted on the walls and ceilings and for the remaining walls we opted for a teal color. The play of triangular shapes is also taken up in the parts of the false ceiling, a lowered teal one in the counter area, in continuity with the wall, and a black one in the rest of the room interspersed with a triangular mirrored part placed at the entrance, highlighted by LED strips that enhance its shape. The flooring is in graphite gray stone-effect stoneware. The office project, on the other hand, maintains a more neutral line, through the use of parquet for the flooring and a wooden cane that runs along all the walls of the corridor. The only element that stands out is the reception counter at the entrance, covered with a supermirror stainless steel patchwork, echoed in the wall behind the counter.

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