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D2 House

  • Name Project
    D2 House
  • Status
  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto
  • Category
  • Place
    Cremona (CR)
  • Year

The client requested the construction of a home for his daughter on a lot adjacent to the house he owned. This lot, on which the garage building for the owner’s residence already stands, is surrounded by other buildings. In particular, on the west side, the wall of the adjacent company was built on the border, with a height of approximately 9 metres. To the south, 5 meters away from the border, there is a three-storey building, while to the east we find the area on which the owner’s house stands, of only two floors. The objective of the project is therefore to seek light in this narrow lot, detaching itself from the ground with the entire house, through the use of reinforced concrete pillars and creating the living area entirely on the first floor, accessible from a suspended stone staircase closed by windows, under which a small Zen garden has been created. The concrete pillars that suspend the house rise to form structural portals that reflect the shape of the gable roof, designed in zinc-titanium sheet metal. The shape of the house is rectangular and developed in length, with the open space living area towards the east, the service areas including bathrooms and laundry towards the south and the two bedrooms towards the north. Along the entire north facade there is a balcony, surrounded by flower boxes and accessible from the sliding glass doors of the bedrooms, which winds up to transform into a large terrace on the east side, accessible from the living area thanks to a large sliding glass door. Wooden brisè-soleils emerge from the roof to cover the balcony and terrace which reflect the “two-pitched” shape of the house.

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