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  • Status
  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto
  • Category
    Interior Design
  • Place
    Piadena Drizzona (CR)
  • Year

The customer’s request involves the creation of three furnishing elements: a TV cabinet for the living room, a piece of furniture and a desk for the study. The TV cabinet project arises from the intersection of two lines perpendicular to each other which form the two main elements of the cabinet, also diversified by the type of door: glass for the vertical and glossy teal lacquered for the horizontal. The intersection between the two lines is highlighted by a mirror cube. The structure of the furniture is made of wood with black laminate covering. The project for the studio instead arises from an idea of decomposition. In fact, the left column of the cabinet, made up of five modules, is “complete”; by sliding to the right the piece of furniture then begins to “crumble” and break down into individual blocks that are increasingly distant from each other. This game of decomposition is highlighted by the use of colors and materials: in fact, we start from black for the solid element, then moving in succession to grey, white and glass, arriving at the mirror for the last blocks. The desk also takes up the idea of the piece of furniture with the breakdown of the front patchwork.

Realized by: Falegnameria Taino

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