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Wild End | Li.Bo. Living in Borneo

  • Name Project
    Wild End
  • Status
    Design | Architecture Competitions
  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto | Arch. Federico Fontana
  • Category
    Public Space | Residential | Offices
  • Place
    Amsterdam | Netherlands
  • Year

The project reflects an intimate relation with nature just in its opening concept that tries to combine the anthropic and natural parts. We started from the corroding concept, trying to understand how the physical movement caused by natural events such as water, wind and rain modifies the morphology of the rock. The whole building is based on this concept that finally becomes unique piece of stone modified by the natural events. We tried to design a shapeless and atypical building in which to live private and public functions. The public areas are on the ground floor; there is a café with its garden, a landing stage with green areas in which children can play and a boat wharf. On the ground floor there is the entrance to the private building, and the car box, but all this part is separated from the entrance of the café. Going upstairs we find the living area with kitchen and bathroom on the first floor; open space for children and bathroom on the second floor. On the third floor there is the master bedroom with its bathroom and an office room. On the last floor, there is a suggestive roof garden. The vertical circolation is allowed by stairs and lift separated from the private areas. The wavy external structure of this building is broken by horizontal window that reflect the light and the sun radiation and are furnished with thin steel support. The material used for the strong structure of this building, with main beams and pillars is in concrete. The external face of the building is covered with wood fillets, internally isolated with recycled materials: in this way we tries to render the building sustainable. The waterfront doesn’t seem to be so artificial but it’s like a building created by the movements of water in relation with the idea of a meteor which is the focal point of the master plan and in strict relation with the landscape all around. Artificial designed and melted with the landscape.

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