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The Italian Garden | 12° International Garden EXPO Nanning

  • Name Project
    The Italian Garden
  • Status
  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto | ArchèVerde | Dellavalle Giardini
  • Category
  • Place
    Nanning | China
  • Year

In Collaboration with: ArchèVerdeDellavalle Giardini

We are happy with this sister city relationship between Crema and Nanning, two completely different realities and each with its own particularity and beauty. After an accurate analysis, our idea was immediately to export to the East the typical linearity of the “Italian garden”. Almost in spite of the system of globalization in which we inevitably find ourselves, where everything is identical and lacks individuality, our proposal is to export a fragment of our culture into this expo garden in order to differentiate the particular area and to show the visitors a small piece of an Italian garden. We have been pleasantly inspired and guided by the shape of the lot that we have chosen: it is perfectly symmetrical and shows the geometry of a medieval garden in villas and castles, where the vegetation, the paths and the borders are redesigned with linearity and rigor.Just like centuries ago in Europe, departing from a naturalistic and spontaneous garden, we began to modify nature and green spaces into forms that were almost architectural. Therefore, in this context, where in the past there were territories dedicated to rice and vegetable production, we insert the geometry and linearity of a garden designed in every detail, exporting into this space the typical Italian style. The vegetation that we have proposed acquires particular importance on an architectural level. We have chosen slow growing plants and shrubs that are easy to trim into geometrical forms, to thus become green shapes and macro bonsai, actually true vegetal sculptures. Furthermore we have added roses, climbing shrubs and a few other flowering plants in soft colors of white, pink and pale pink. The perfect symbiosis, or in other words, a union of our typical vegetation and the oriental bonsai cult.

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