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TRV House

  • Name Project
    TRV House
  • Status
  • Designer
    Marcello Cesini Architetto | Sara Cavazzoni Interior Design | B-Stone Damiano Buzzetti
  • Category
    Interior Design
  • Place
    Bratislava | Slovakia
  • Year

The client, in addition to the complete design of the interiors and furnishing elements, requested a study of the bathroom flooring and coverings for his villa in Slovakia. The request was to use travertine marble but to find a particular installation, using original cuts and mixing the colors of the marble. This is where this project was born, trying to satisfy the customer’s requests but at the same time find a replicable and reusable matrix to create different shapes only by combining the pieces in order to limit production costs.

Marbles: B-Stone Damiano Buzzetti

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