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    Marcello Cesini Architetto
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    Marina di Massa (MS)
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Intersection: Design and Functionality Meet

A unique and versatile furnishing accessory is born from the customer’s needs.

Intersection is a project that was born from the specific request of a client: to have a mirror at the entrance of his beach house that also served as a support surface. The result is a perfect combination of design and functionality, where two wooden elements of different colors fit together creating an elegant and practical structure.

Sinuous lines and color contrasts.

The first structure, in matt white lacquered wood, develops from the floor with a 90 degree curve, creating a support surface under the mirror. The second, in matt gray RAL 7044 lacquered wood, wraps the mirror at the top and sides, then descends to form a second support surface under the white shelf.

A game of shapes and depths.

In addition to the chromatic contrast, the two shelves stand out for their sinuous shape and variable depth. This detail gives the whole a sense of dynamism and lightness, making Intersection a furnishing element capable of capturing attention and adapting to different furnishing styles. Intersection is not just a simple mirror with shelves, but a real design object that embellishes the entrance to the customer’s beach house. The attention to detail, the choice of materials and the combination of shapes and colors make this furnishing accessory a unique and original piece. Intersection represents an example of how the customer’s needs can be translated into a refined and functional design project. The synergy between craftsmanship and creativity has given life to a piece of furniture that not only satisfies the specific needs of the customer, but is configured as a unique piece of design.

Realized by: Falegnameria Taino

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