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    Marcello Cesini Architetto
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  • Place
    Piadena Drizzona (CR)
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Ethereo represents an elegant fusion of simplicity and refinement, designed to embellish the entrance of a home without being invasive or overpowering the other design elements already present. Its slender and narrow shape, accentuated by its height, gives a sense of verticality to the wall on which it rests. The inclination given to the mirror, which is not hung but placed on the ground, creates a distortion effect of the room’s reflections, giving a touch of originality and dynamism to the environment. The extralight glass used amplifies the brightness of the room, giving it a larger and more welcoming atmosphere. The black powder-coated iron frame, with its thickness of just 5 mm, evokes the idea of a painting, a sort of mirrored and distorted painting of reality, almost an ethereal and luminous image.

Dimension: cm 225 x 100

Realized by: Falegnameria Taino

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